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LED therapy is the future of skin care

LED therapy

If you follow the news of celebrities on “Instagram”, then you will probably see a picture of LED therapy, and the popularity and popularity of this treatment that has spread over the past few years is due to the fact that it promises to fight acne and age signs using light technology, and with the spread of advanced devices Available in the market, this aesthetic treatment has become the most fashionable these days, so that all beauty lovers and those looking for permanent youth desperately want to try it.

But what is this technique and what is this treatment?

LED is a convention that means a diode that emits light rays, and works by emitting infrared rays of various lengths, which produces heat with various benefits for skin care. Yellow light stimulates the activity of collagen and elastin. Red light is usually used to stimulate blood circulation, which speeds up the process of cell repair. Damaged and stimulate collagen production and shrink broad pores, white light penetrates deep into the skin and works to tighten skin and reduce inflammation, while blue light kills bacteria that cause blisters, and provides effective treatment for black and white heads.
LED treatments are painless, non-invasive, and do not take long to complete the healing process, and many experts have declared that these lights are great for people who want natural treatments for their skin. This type of treatment restores fullness to the face and reduces the appearance of fine wrinkles and lines of “crow man” around the eyes, that is, it is great for targeting specific areas that are difficult to reach when treatment with “Botox”, and the serums that need injection.
And the LED light alone can stimulate the activity of specific cells and improve some skin conditions, and this technique can improve its results if it is done with the use of a gel to absorb the light, allowing the LED light to penetrate deeper under the skin.

Home solutions:

Many brands have begun to offer a lot of LED treatment systems so that you can treat these skin problems yourself at home, and it is most popular and demanding, treatments through fumigation devices and sprays that contain the feature of LED lighting in yellow and that work with nanotechnology, where this technology works To target pimples and blackheads, help the skin absorb all active ingredients and stimulate cellular regeneration.

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